1000 words

I teamed up with the design agency The Chase to come up with a piece of self promotion for myself. We wanted to do something different, not just your usual postcard that every man and his dog seems to send out, something that people would want to keep, even put on their wall. The 1000 words project was born. We got a selection of the industries finest, most respected copywriters to each choose one image of mine, any image they wanted and write a 1000 words on the image. A picture speaks 1000 words after all. The project was very well received and Nick’s poster went on to win a yellow pencil at D&AD along with the project doing very well in other industry awards.

A massive thank you to everyone involved, Ben, Pete, Lionel and Steve at The Chase (and everyone else involved there) and all of the copywriters who did an amazing job.

It got a lot of attention from many website and blogs. Below is what Creative Review made of it and their readers. Some of the comments are just as interesting as the posters themselves. Have a look.